Stop Smoking The Easy Way Program


The Nicotine-Free Auriculotherapy Program at Restoration Health


- Are you wanting to create a healthier environment for your children at home and precent them from adopting your smoking habit?

- Are you starting to notice a shortness of breath with physical activity? Or have you progressed to shortness of breath even without physical activity?

- Have you watched first hand the slow death of a loved one from the damage caused by smoking?

- Do you have health problems that has your doctor insisting you quit smoking?

- Have any of the above reasons increased your stress and anxiety because to stop smoking seems unachievable?

- Has your workplace recently banned smoking and you don't know how you're going to get through the day?

These are real concerns of people who have come ot our office seeking Auriculotherapy to successfully stop smoking


Auriculotherapy is a system that uses stimulation of points on the ear to create an effect in corresponding places in the body (see bottom diagram). The predominate theory of how this works is that the brain receives signals from all parts of the body and then reflects this information onto the surface of the ear. The reflected information can be qualitatively measured.

Through the pioneering work of Dr. Paul Nogier and the continuing research in France, Germany, China, and the United States, it has been shown that we can use this system to project a stimulus from the ear back to different parts of the body via the same pathways. By utilizing the physiology of the ear, we can address the many facets of the nicotine addiction including:

Cravings - Cigarette Taste - Irritability - Weight gain

Auriculotherapy has received FDA approval in the United States. Much research has been done to support it's use in smoking cessation and many other conditions. These conditions include, but are certainly not limited to, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, joint pains, dry mouth (xerostomia), weight control, nausea, stress reduction and pain management.


In our office, we offer the latest advancements in auriculotherapy technique and equipment. This is due to our close contact with the leading researchers and developers in the auriculotherapy field.

Such contact enables us to provide the most effective treatment strategy in the region. Our treatment is non-invasive, pain free, and has no known side effects. In spite of auriculotherapy's strong ties to acupuncture, it is not necessary to stimulate with needles. Instead, we use a probe to apply small electrical stimulations to areas on the surface of the ear that are associated with addiction to nicotine.

The treatment is quite comfortable and is about 20 minutes in duration. Most patients are able to quit smoking after the first treatment. In a few individuals, a second treatment may be needed.

Prior to your first visit, we ask that you drink plenty of water the day prior to and the day of the treatment.

Post treatment will include vitamin C supplementation to aid the body in it's transition away from nicotine.

Yes . It is that simple!

Our goal is to help you or someone you love to stop smoking. By using auriculotherapy, we provide a fast, safe, painless way to stop smoking for a reasonable fee.

Success often comes with only one treatment although occasionally a second treatment is needed which is included in the initial fee.

Auriculotherapy has been extremely effective for thousands of smokers. Let us help you become smoke-free.

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