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The name Restoration Health pretty much says it all...

Restoration Health is not just our name, but our goal. It is the sum of doctors who listen and then apply elements of chiropractic, auriculotherapy, acupuncture and nutrition , tailored to you.

Restoration Health means addressing the 3 keys of health:

1. Keeping Everything Moving!

2. Getting the Good Stuff In!

3. Getting the Bad Stuff Out!

We want to help guide you down the path to Restoring Your Health !

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Dr. Nicole is currently working to create a program to evaluate the muscles that relate to the spinal structure of the body. By evaluating for imbalances such as muscles that may be over- or under-developed or those that are too tight or too weak, we hope to help make corrections through targeted stretches and exercises in order that the body may regain some of its self-correction ( think how it was when your body was younger and why it seemed more resilient ) This will be the first program of its kind in our area and we think it will fit nicely with our desire to help restore health, not simply alleviate symptoms. Keep watching for updates!

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