Functional Restoration Active Rehab

Who Needs Functional Rehab

Anybody with stubborn, reoccurring pain or who is not performing to desired potential may need active rehab. 

  • Young athletes with recurring injuries
  • Those training for marathons or other sports who want to increase performance
  • Those who want to turn back the clock on their body
  • Those just not able to hold their chiropractic adjustment
  • Those with Text or Desk Neck”  or  Beer Belly”

We can help identify and diminish the underlying structural causes contributing to your stubborn pain or inability to do want you need and want to do in your daily life.  How do we do this?..

Think of us as a lab testing company for muscles.  Just as a lab might analyze blood to see how the body chemistry is functioning, our program evaluates the muscles to see how the body mechanics are functioning.  Utilizing a barrage of physical tests, we root out those areas that are unbalanced, such as muscles that may be over or under-developed or those that are too tight or too weak.  We want to make corrections through targeted stretches and exercises with the goal to return these weakened regions of the body to a normal state, resulting in enhanced performance and prevention of future injury.

It is our desire to help restore health, not simply alleviate symptoms.  

The Benefits of Functional Rehab
  • Restore muscle balance = Restore Youth
  • Decrease Pain, Injuries, Recurring Problems & Increase Performance
  • Reduce unnecessary healthcare costs for the future and improve quality of life.

Our goal at Restoration Health is to help patients stay out of the doctor’s office.  We want to move you from simple re-occurring pain relief to improved function and preventative management.  If these are your goals too, Functional Restoration Active Rehab is the right choice for you!


What Happens During Functional Rehab

 The goal of Functional Restoration Active Rehab is to identify your weak links.

  • To start, we will take you through one of the most complete Functional Evaluations you will ever experience.  We assess movement patterns, functional capacities, balance and range of motion among other criteria.  We will find out what muscles are tight, tender, overactive, weak or de-conditioned … and we will show you what you can and can’t do.
  • Approximately one week following your Functional Evaluation, we present a comprehensive Report of Findings.  In a nutshell, functional rehabilitation is necessary for regions of the body where your score falls below 85% of normal for any specific test.  Your report will include a link to where you may view your complete set of customized exercise videos.  These exercises will be accessible for you to view for 6 months.  We encourage you to incorporate our customized exercise prescription into your current exercise regime, provide the results to your current personal trainer or physical therapist, or allow us to customize a one-on-one, in-office comprehensive exercise treatment plan.

Throughout these evaluations, we utilize research and normative data as we compare you to people in your age and gender.

Once your weak links are identified, we then want to take these injured or weakened regions of the body and return them to a normal state.

How to Get Started With Functional Rehab 

 Are you ready to test your flexibly, range of motion, balance, stability, endurance and strength?  Do you want to perform at peak levels?  Call our office to schedule a Functional Evaluation.

Functional Evaluation, Report of Findings & Active Rehab Exercise Prescription:

  • Battery of Functional Performance Tests  - lasting approximately 1 hour
  • Comprehensive Report of Findings -  lasting approximately 30 minutes
    • Discussion of Test Results
    • Outline of Steps Needed for Correction and Recommendations
    • Introduction to Exercise Prescription
  • Complete Set of Customized, Detailed Video Exercises with prescription from to guide you through all five phases of functional rehab – 6 month on-line access

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