Far Infrared Sauna

The effectiveness of your Chiropractic adjustment, Acupuncture treatments and Active Rehab program can be greatly enhanced by heat therapy provided by the Far Infrared Sauna .  It produces a wavelength heat energy that penetrates 1½ - 3 inches into the body tissue.  This depth triggers mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage and eliminates them through the sweat. In contrast to traditional high heat saunas, a worsening of symptoms during detoxification is largely avoided with the Far Infrared Sauna because chemicals are not pulled into the bloodstream as they make their way to the sweat glands. The Far Infrared Sauna is well tolerated by most people because it only raises the core body temperature to 100.4 F when set at 110-130 F. This heat stimulates the healing process and provides tangible results such as:

- Reduces pain and muscle spasms.  Reduces soreness through direct action on the nerves.

- Increases circulation and the flow of rich oxygenated blood to aching muscles and joints.

- Relaxes stiff muscles and joints for greater flexibility and range of motion of sprains and strains.

- Improves lymph flow and reduces swelling and inflammation.

- Raises the body temperature to stimulate the immune system.

- Burns calories.  Helps reduce cellulite.  Helps control weight.

- Reduces stress and fatigue.  Deep cleans skin.

- Removes heavy metals and toxins.

The number of Far Infrared Sauna sessions required varies by results desired and general health status:

Beauty and Relaxation

  • Results "noticed" in 5 sessions.
  • Revitalize your skin tone and texture
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Stimulate weight loss
  • Boost mood
  • Relax stiff muscles and joint for greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce soreness and pain of muscle spasms
  • Increase lymph flow and reduce swelling and inflammation

Improve General Health

  • Results "noticed" in 10-12 sessions
  • Continuation of Beauty and Relaxation results
  • Remove minor toxic accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental pollutants to look and feel younger
  • Exercise and strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Decrease cellulite
  • Speed the healing of sprains and strains

Intense Detoxification

  • Results "noticed" in 45-50 sessions
  • Provides support when the body is working too hard due to total toxic overload
  • Effective in ridding the body of drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and toxic environmental chemical residues
  • Those who are the most overloaded with heavy metals and chemicals may not sweat for several treatments because the body has stored the toxins very deeply in an attempt to keep the body functioning.
  • Hair tests are highly recommended before and throughout treatment to monitor the detoxification process and track level of harmful substances .
  • Nutritional Supplementation is highly recommended for Intense Detoxificaiton.

Treatment sessions are available in sets of 5 on Restoration Health Far Infrared Sauna Punch Cards.  Five punches are provided on each card; each punch is worth 30 minutes of sauna time.

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